5 Tips on How to Create a Rock Star Real Estate Agent Team or Brokerage
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5 Tips on How to Create a Rock Star Real Estate Agent Team or Brokerage

Discover the Keys to Building a Tight-knit Team that Better Collaborates and Closes More Deals
The best real estate teams don’t “get” culture. They build it.

Here are 5 ways to help your team open lines of communication, create positive team morale and ultimately build a unified, winning team.

1. Identify a Clear Mission
At the heart of every business lies a mission statement. It’s the north star that sets the guiding principles and helps keep leaders, agents and admins focused on the tasks that matter and the values they share.

The first step in creating a winning real estate agent team culture is to create a mission statement and enlist your agents and admins to take ownership and action. Repeat the values at the beginning of every weekly or monthly meeting and plant the seeds to a culture in which the team leaders truly embody the values so that they’re not just words on a wall.

Determine if your mission statement passes the 4 S test: Short, Sincere, Sticky and Simple.

Mission statements that meet this criteria will be more memorable, and agents and admins will be more likely to adopt them.

2. Hire, Train & Track to a Career Path
Once team leads have established a clear and engaging mission statement, they should recruit those agents and admins who live those values and make daily decisions in a way that clearly reflects the collective mission of the team.

Your hires should be so much more than people just executing a job. Companies that have a strong culture have a hiring process in which candidates experience the mission and are vetted for a cultural fit as much as their skills and abilities.

Great real estate teams provide a growth path for their team members through established models, systems and coaching that teach their agents to be business owners and entrepreneurs versus simply lead receivers and door openers.

3. Communicate With Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement can also mean surrounding agents with many opportunities for positive collaboration.

Who you surround yourself with and your environment matters. Teams provide a collaborative environment that layers in coaching, systems and training.

Turns out, a team’s communication style with one another can greatly improve a team’s morale and predict its collective productivity. Researchers have found that the communication factors that mattered most included tone of voice, body language (facing one another when they speak), how much they talk versus listen, and levels of extroversion and empathy.

It’s also critical that team leads provide enough room to accommodate complementary partnerships that can help unify a team. For instance, team leads might encourage an exchange of ideas between the tech-savvy Millennial agent and the seasoned, relationship-oriented Boomer or between a listing agent and a buyers agent with different perspectives.

4. Encourage New Ideas
While top team leads stress the importance of hiring individuals who are aligned to the team’s goals and values, it’s equally important that agents and admins feel comfortable to contribute new ideas.

Great leaders also represent the real estate team members in their investing choices.

Today’s agents want to know what you’re doing with their money. How are you adding value back to them? When you’re making capital investments, are you surveying the people who matter — the agents and admins who are executing your systems and building the buy-in around your ideas?

Just as buyers and sellers want to know what kind of value an agent is adding back, agents demand the same of their team lead. Are you putting it back in your pocket or investing back in the team? And when you’re investing, are you asking for their buy-in?

5. Lead With Conviction
While you can’t please everyone and will rarely get 100% consensus on a large team, it’s critical that team leaders fortify their decisions with true conviction and logical rationale. A leader has to make decisions and needs to have conviction in their decisions. Your team needs to believe you believe. Deliver that message in your voice and temperament. Don’t be afraid or ashamed of the standards you set.

Part of leading with conviction is being genuine and holding each team member accountable, including the team lead. Think of the sports teams that’s composed of like-minded people who hold each other accountable in both the good and bad. We want these people to hold us to the same standards that we hold them to.

While great team leads won’t always get 100% buy in from their agents, the team members will be more likely to respect your decisions if they know that you believe in a direction.




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